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If you enjoy cooking you'll love the great recipes.
The catagories of Arabic, Persian, Turkish are primarily used to give some order to the content. Many of the same recipes, with different terminology, are used across the entire region from Middle East, Mediterranean, and Asia. Enjoy!

Cooking Tips & Warnings

  • Always cook what you enjoy. Learn the tricks of the trade first. Learn from your mistakes and try new things.
  • Always look for fresh produce. Cut out coupons for the expensive items like Olive Oil.
  • Stock up your kitchen with spices, herbs and invest in some nice pots and pans. Get some wooden spoons - that's all you need
  • When working with olive oil, keep the flame low. Olive oil is good for sauteing, but not frying.
  • When sauteing garlic, make sure you don't burn it. Burnt garlic ruins the pan and you will have to start all over again.

Baking Tips & Warnings

  • Read through the recipe & gather the ingredients, make sure all pans and equipment are clean and dry, wash & dry hands before starting.
  • Pre-measure the flour & other ingredients. Use the best & freshest ones you can find. Prepare any in advance, if necessary.
  • Use the appropriately sized baking pans & properly prepare them.
  • Adjust oven shelves & preheat the oven. Use an oven thermometer.
  • Carefully follow each mixing step in the recipe. DO NOT Over- or Under-Mix. Each step has a purpose. Use a kitchen timer to help you keep track of how long to mix, etc.
  • Don't crowd the oven & avoid opening the oven door during baking. With certain recipes, rotate pans halfway through baking.
  • Pay special attention to baking times. Let your eyes, nose, as well as other indicators be your guide.
  • Cool baked goods thoroughly before serving or storing.
  • Finishing Touches
  • Store baked goods properly.

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